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1 BTC = $23.24251

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Date Pado ID Amount Type
20 Jun, 2019 PADOGC26fgj $400 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOTW3vGxk $300 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADO8Lsf54w $300 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADOxwGig2S $55 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOfvlgFYc $100 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOJ718PS9 $50 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADOJUtcNiW $4000 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOzEnjAk8 $1000 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOJ8BZ9lQ $100 Withdrawn
20 Jun, 2019 PADO6kXBGLp $100 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOFrSXxp7 $700 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADOXb74S5C $150 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOcU7hVd2 $55 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADONTQAvb5 $800 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOiaUS6gW $50 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADO5b7RuTq $150 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOzpDF9dg $100 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADOh7m4ysU $200 Deposited
20 Jun, 2019 PADO4BbsIg5 $500 New Order
20 Jun, 2019 PADOXZmUdN5 $300 Withdrawn

About PadoWallet
Pado Wallet is an e-wallet just like an online banking system where you earn by depositing. This includes income that comes from real estate, bitcoin mining, commercial farming and other businesses.

We buy and sell crypto currencies and gift cards at good rates.

Transact on Pado without hidden charges. You can also convert your crypto currency into real cash.

The world is evolving, and the way we make money is also evolving. Its safe to trade on PadoWallet, because money invested increases every day without loss of capital and profit.


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Money is stored offline and less than 2% is protected by industry-leading online security.


Easy to Use

It is mobile friendly and very easy to use with simple tools and support via chat and phone call.


Tested and Trusted

Trusted by many users all over the world

International Exchange Rates

Current Compound Interest

Interest rate changes from time to time, but never affects your capital and profit

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